Facts about sexual harassment in the legal field

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Sexual Harassment on Monday , May 20, 2019

It is not uncommon for workers in Arizona to be the subject of sexual harassment. A survey that had over 7,000 participants found that sexual harassment is a common problem in the legal field. The survey asked lawyers and others from 135 countries about their experiences with sexual harassment and bullying. It found that 36.6% of female participants had experienced such harassment while roughly half said that they had experienced bullying.

Among male participants, 7.6% of participants said that they had experienced bullying, while roughly 33% said that they had been bullied. Legal departments within companies themselves as well as government workers were most likely to say that they had been sexually harassed. However, women who worked in government legal jobs were more likely to report harassment. Those who worked in law firms reported that lowest levels of harassment with 32.7 percent of female law firm employees reporting being harassed.

Furthermore, 6.7 percent of male respondents reported being harassed while working at a law firm. Jokes of a sexual or discriminatory nature were the most common forms of sexual harassment cited by survey respondents. Some respondents did say that they had been propositioned for sex or had received emails that had sexually explicit material. Physical assaults and rapes were also among the types of harassment that survey participants mentioned.

Those who receive unwanted or inappropriate attention in the workplace could be victims of sexual harassment. They may be entitled to compensation from their employers depending on the circumstances of their cases. For instance, a worker who was terminated after claiming to be sexually harassed may be entitled to back pay. The same may be true for anyone who was demoted or otherwise retaliated against after making a sexual harassment claim to their employer.