Why Should You Hire An Employment Attorney?

When you hire an employment attorney, the return on your investment can be more valuable than you may realize. Employment law can be complex, and it takes a strong advocate on your side to ensure that you get what you’ve earned.

As an attorney skilled in the specific area of employment law, Elizabeth D. Tate can offer you the kind of prestige that your employer’s counsel and the courts will respect and respond to.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Employment Lawyer?

Experienced employment law attorneys know the law, they know the tactics that employers’ attorneys often take, and they understand what facts and evidence the courts need to see. If you act on your own behalf, that can be a missed opportunity to get more from your claim.

As your lawyer, Elizabeth D. Tate can provide you with:

  • A fair assessment of what your case is worth
  • A history of settlement negotiations that get results
  • The ability to negotiate a severance package, even if you don’t plan to sue

Hiring an Arizona employment attorney can help give you the emotional closure that you’re looking for. Knowing that you are walking away with the best deal possible may enable you to move toward your next pursuit with more confidence.

Get Answers To Your Questions

Learn more about whether pursuing representation can help your case. Call Ms. Tate today at her central Phoenix office by dialing 602-670-4653. Or, fill out this online form to schedule an appointment to discuss any employment or discrimination law concern.

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