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Whether you are applying for a position, are currently employed, or have recently left your place of employment, there are both Arizona state and United States federal laws that protect you from discriminatory practices and unfair treatment. You have a legal right to be treated fairly, and if someone violates that right, you can work with a lawyer to hold them accountable.

Sometimes it may become necessary to seek legal advice to help you determine whether what happened to you could be considered illegal. If so, then you will likely need a trusted professional to counsel you on how to make sure your rights are respected. Phoenix attorney Elizabeth D. Tate works closely with her clients on a variety of employment law matters. These include:

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If you have questions about any employment law issue, attorney Elizabeth D. Tate is ready to answer them. Her one-on-one approach to working with clients has earned her a reputation for careful, detail-focused lawyering. Call her at her central Phoenix office or contact her via this online form to get started: 602-670-4653.

Facts about sexual harassment in the legal field

It is not uncommon for workers in Arizona to be the subject of sexual harassment. A survey that had over 7,000 participants found that sexual harassment is a common problem in the legal field. The survey asked lawyers and others ...

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