Skilled Representation For Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a widespread problem for people at many income levels and in many industries. Men and women who experience harassment may fear retaliation for speaking up. Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, protects her clients from harassment and pursues full damages on their behalf.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment

Here are few actions that can qualify as workplace sexual harassment:

  • Inappropriate sexual messages: Workers cannot share or display pornographic or explicit images, letters, notes or videos in the workplace.
  • Lewd jokes or comments: Comments about a person’s gender, body, clothes and sexual activities can count as sexual harassment. Derogatory jokes about an entire gender or sexuality are also harassment.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted touching: Touching, rubbing or any other contact against a person’s will is harassment.
  • Making offensive gestures: Sexual or offensive gestures made in the workplace may qualify as harassment.
  • Quid pro quo arrangements: Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a manager or person of authority offers or hints at giving something in return for a sexual demand.

While the culture around workplace harassment is changing for the better, victims of harassment must act to protect their rights. Both men and women can experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Supervisors, co-workers and business clients or customers can harass workers.

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