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Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, focuses her practice on demanding justice and equal rights for victims of discrimination, whether at work or in their private lives. She takes cases that engage her passion for equality and enables her to tell her clients’ stories. Seeking to give a voice to those who aren’t often heard, Ms. Tate is a vigorous defender of her clients’ rights throughout Arizona.

Elizabeth D. Tate is the kind of lawyer who will be honest and straightforward with you, asking for details and clarity as you share the specifics of your situation. She believes she can do her best work for you once a trusting relationship has been established, which is why she believes strongly in a one-on-one style of communicating with her clients here in Phoenix.

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Facts about sexual harassment in the legal field

It is not uncommon for workers in Arizona to be the subject of sexual harassment. A survey that had over 7,000 participants found that sexual harassment is a common problem in the legal field. The survey asked lawyers and others ...

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Elizabeth Tate Law

Elizabeth Tate Law