Fight Back Against Gender And Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace because of a person’s gender or sexual orientation is illegal. If you have experienced harassment in the workplace because of harmful stereotypes, you need a proven employment lawyer. Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, fights to get the best possible outcome for people throughout Arizona who have experienced employment discrimination.

At our Phoenix firm, you can get answers to questions about gender and sexual orientation discrimination. We have a long history of employment law success for clients in negotiations and litigation. Attorney Elizabeth D. Tate will work with you to create an effective and efficient strategy for your case.

What Qualifies As Gender And Sexual Orientation Discrimination?

Discrimination because of a person’s gender or orientation can happen to both men and women. These claims can also include sexual harassment issues involving unwanted sexual contact or derogatory comments.

Here are a few actions that may be gender or sexual orientation discrimination:

  • Unequal compensation for the same job role
  • Hostile comments about a person’s sexual orientation or gender
  • Discrimination because of a pregnancy
  • Withheld benefits based on a person’s gender or marital status
  • Denied promotions because of sexual orientation or gender

Call A Knowledgeable Employment Lawyer

Workplace issues involving discrimination do not get better on their own. Talking to an attorney should be your first step if you experience workplace harassment. You can discuss your case by calling 602-670-4653. We also return all messages sent to us by email.

Facts about sexual harassment in the legal field

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