Why should I care?

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Workplace Discrimination on Monday , January 1, 2018

People hold misconceptions or are short-sighted about anti-discrimination laws. Maybe you believe the laws only protect minorities and you’ll never need them. Banish that thought. Everyone needs anti-discrimination laws. Everyone has a job or is affected by someone else having a job. Life’s happenings, anticipated or not affect you. Consider the following: you have a newborn you want to bond; you have a child or spouse with a disability that requires your care; you become disabled; you have a family member of another race and you are treated differently; your parent becomes seriously ill; everyone reaches forty years old. The list goes on.

If an employer violates employment laws be concerned. It’s not just about minorities crying wolf about discrimination. Everyone needs a workplace free from discrimination. You may need to invoke the protection of the law. And that’s exactly why you should care.