Monster Energy employees file sexual harassment lawsuits

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Sexual Harassment on Thursday , February 1, 2018

Arizona residents who are fans of Monster Energy may be interested to learn that five women have filed lawsuits against the company. Multiple lawsuits stated that company had a history of abusive behavior by executives toward female workers.

All five of the former employees said that the company had a discriminatory work culture. The former employees claimed that they were even retaliated against when they spoke up about the harassment they endured.

Two of the women specifically accused the company’s vice president of inappropriate behavior. One of the women said that he was the “boss from hell” and that he would gossip about female employees and even speculate about their sex lives. The other former employee said that she was in a relationship with the vice president while she worked there. She claimed that he sent her text messages with abusive language. The same employee also said that she experienced sexual harassment at the hands of a married executive with the company. She claimed that he hugged her inappropriately and asked if her breasts “were real.”

Arizona workers should be aware that it is illegal for companies to allow sexual harassment or sex discrimination to occur in the workplace. If an employee experiences inappropriate touching, questions or other actions that create a hostile work environment, the employee should be able to report the incident. In the event that the employee is punished for reporting the harassment by being demoted, fired or given fewer hours, an attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the company. In some cases, the attorney may seek lost income, lost benefits and other monetary compensation for damages caused by the harassment.