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Have you experienced quid pro quo sexual harassment at work?

Sometimes, sexual harassment can be coworkers or managers making jokes at your expense, using inappropriate language at work or touching you without your permission. All of these kinds of harassment — and more —can create a very hostile work environment where you simply can't thrive as an employee.

How does the EEOC protect my rights as an employee?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a powerful federal agency that exists to protect your rights as an employee. Whether you are working as a wage slave in a low-paying fast food restaurant or earning a high-level salary with great bonuses at a multinational corporation, the EEOC is available to make sure your employer doesn't infringe upon your inherent rights as a worker in the United States.

Protection against wrongful termination

If you were terminated from your job in Arizona, you may have a feeling that you were fired unfairly, but you might not know whether you have a case. Ultimately, termination scenarios need to be looked at on an individual basis to determine if the employee was fired wrongfully and has the right to seek justice in court.

Should I hire an employment law lawyer?

If you've been wronged as an employee you might be able to pursue an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint that leads to a lawsuit. If successfully navigated, the suit could bring you just compensation and other remedies relating to the financial, career and emotional damages that you suffered as a result of the wrongdoing.

Pregnancy discrimination: Your rights when pregnant on the job

Pregnant women working for certain employers can receive protection from discrimination under federal law through the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This act is an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 under Title VII. It specifically protects pregnant women from any kind of discrimination related to childbirth, pregnancy and associated medical conditions.

Can I qualify for FMLA leave?

You might be surprised to know that you have the legal right to take time off after you give birth to a baby, after your spouse gives birth to a baby and if someone in your family suffers a serious medical problem that requires your attention.

The unusual reason some employers discriminate against race

Racial tensions have long been a national malady in American society. This is true for employment sectors as well. Racial discrimination continues to be an ongoing issue despite its covert tendency during hiring interviews and on-the-job scenarios, but why? That is the question that a group of researchers asked in a study conducted to examine why some employers are discriminating against race.

4 types of employment discrimination: Are you a victim?

One of the best parts of being an American is the fact that we receive a host of incredible protections against discrimination. In fact, not all countries protect their workers like this, and their citizens have to endure age, gender, pregnancy and other forms of on-the-job discrimination when applying for work or carrying out their employment duties.

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