What To Expect At The First Meeting

Wondering what to expect at the first meeting with your Arizona employment lawyer? It's understandable that you may be apprehensive about whether there's anything a lawyer can say or do that will make your situation any better. After all, both you and the attorney you hire should be a good fit with one another, and that requires a productive first meeting.

Specificity And Context Are Key

When you meet with Elizabeth D. Tate, be prepared to start at the beginning and offer context and detailed descriptions of how you feel your rights have been ignored or violated. Ms. Tate will take notes, ask for more specifics, and solicit a full and complete narrative account from you.

If you have important paperwork that should be shared such as a company policy booklet, a letter of hire/dismissal or any other official documents, you should bring them to this meeting. Ms. Tate will instruct you on any other documents she needs if you and she decide to move forward with your case.

Contact Ms. Tate Today

Take that first step and call or write today to schedule some time to share your story with Ms. Tate: 602-842-6971. Her central Phoenix office is convenient to all valley freeways.