What are the federal fair housing laws?

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Civil Rights Law on Wednesday , September 5, 2018

Some people who are looking to rent a new home or apartment may find that they’re denied the ability to live in the place. There are many lawful reasons why a landlord may deny a particular tenant the right to live on his or her property. Nevertheless, if the landlord denies someone a lease on the basis of the person’s race or another protected status, it’s likely a violation of federal law.

Fair housing laws protect many segments of the population from this kind of housing discrimination. Here are the federal fair housing laws that may protect you if you become a victim of discrimination:

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act:

Title VI protects U.S. citizens from discrimination based on color, race and national origin when it comes to their qualification to receive federal financial assistance.

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act:

Title II protects individuals from being discriminated against on the basis of having a disability when it comes to services, activities and programs offered by public entities. HUD is the enforcer of Title II when a violation happens in the realm of local or state public housing, housing referrals and housing aid programs.

Federal Fair Housing Act:

The federal Fair Housing Act prevents discrimination — on the basis of national origin, color, race, religion, family status, sex, pregnancy and disability — when it comes to a landlord’s decision to sign a lease with a particular person.

Age Discrimination Act:

The age discrimination act prevents people from being discriminated against due to their ages when they apply to receive federal financial aid.

Were you the victim of housing discrimination?

Imagine you’re black, Latino or Asian and you were denied the ability to rent an apartment in a predominantly white community. The Federal Fair Housing Act applies to everyone who falls under the category of a “protected status” and it prohibits this kind of discrimination while seeking to buy or rent a home or apartment. The other programs may apply to specific individuals who apply to receive important government assistance when purchasing or leasing a home.

If you suspected that you’ve been victimized by housing discrimination, you may want to learn more about how these and other important civil rights laws protect you from this kind of abuse.