Were you wrongfully terminated because of harassment?

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Wrongful Termination on Thursday , June 7, 2018

Imagine your boss is sexually harassing you, so you go to your boss’s superior to complain. A week later, you get a termination notice. Apparently, your boss’s superior would rather get rid of you than address the problem of your sexual harassment and discipline your boss.

Unfortunately, numerous employees lose their jobs after complaining about workplace harassment. Many of these situations are clear cases of wrongful termination, and the terminated employees have the ability to stand up for their civil rights in court.

How to tell if you have a wrongful termination case relating to harassment

What follows is a short list of factors that could lead to a wrongful termination claim relating to harassment. If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you might be on the right side of the law:

  • Did you suffer from any kind of abusive, offensive, demeaning or insulting comments related to your sexuality, religion, race, national origin, gender, genetic information, disability status, age or sex? Even if these comments were not directed at you specifically, they might have created a hostile work environment.
  • Did you witness regular and repeated comments of a harassing nature, that were either directed at you or others and witnessed by others?
  • Were you ever subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or requests to create a sexual or romantic relationship with you from your superiors or coworkers?
  • Did you suffer negative treatment after you engaged in a relationship with your superior or coworker? Did this relationship cause you to lose your job?

Stand up for your employment rights

A wrongful termination — regardless of how it came about — will result in numerous and negative consequences for the terminated employee. The employee will likely lose income while searching for a new job and he or she could also suffer from the loss of opportunity and other benefits of employment. Furthermore, many employees who are terminated because of harassment suffer psychological and emotional consequences.

If you’ve suffered from these kinds of damages from wrongful termination, investigate your legal rights and options. The more you know about federal and state employment laws, the better chance you’ll have of reclaiming your sense of equality and justice regarding the matter.