Uber will pay workers in harassment and discrimination cases

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Workplace Discrimination on Friday , August 31, 2018

Some people in Arizona may have heard that Uber has faced claims of gender discrimination and harassment. Three Latina engineers filed a lawsuit against the company in October 2017. They said their pay was lower than that of male colleagues who were Asian or white and that even when women and people of color performed well, they received lower rankings. These rankings along with prior compensation, a measure that generally leaves women at a disadvantage, were used to determine pay.

Uber will pay more than 50 employees who said they experienced harassment and discrimination on the job a total of $1.9 million. They are among 480 workers who will receive an additional $5.1 million. A hearing will be held on November 6 for the settlement’s final approval.

In August 2017, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began investigating the company and examining wage and hiring practices. The company says it increased salaries in July 2017 to try to ensure that pay discrimination was not occurring on the basis of race or gender. It also took another look at salaries in March 2018 after paying out bonuses.

When one or more employees make a claim regarding discrimination or harassment, the problem could turn out to be a systemic one that affects many employees. In those cases, more employees may join the lawsuit. However, it can be difficult for an employee to take the first step of lodging a complaint. People may fear retaliation or worry that their career will be affected in some other way. People who are dealing with discrimination at work might want to consult an attorney.

Source: CNN, “Uber to pay 56 workers $1.9 million for harassment and discrimination claims,” Sara Ashley O’Brien, 8/22/2018