The effects of sexual harassment on young workers

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Sexual Harassment on Saturday , January 20, 2018

Much media coverage has been given to sexual harassment in the workplace. However, younger workers in Arizona and throughout the country may also be victims of harassment without even knowing it. One reason is that such behavior may be so common that it goes unnoticed. According to a survey from the American Association of University Women, half of respondents said that they had been sexually harassed while they were working during their school years.

Harassment early in life may have consequences throughout a person’s career as a first job may be an introduction to how the business world works. Those who are victims of harassment may learn not to trust their coworkers or alter their career goals. Some victims may also learn that people may not take their accusations seriously if they are made at all.

There are many ways in which an individual may be the victim of sexual harassment. For instance, a manager may try to ask an employee on a date or ask for sexual favors. Individuals who hear lewd comments or jokes about their appearance may also be victimst. It is important to note that an employer could be liable for actions taken by clients connected with the company or customers.

Anyone who is the victim of harassment may wish to consult with an attorney. Doing so may make it possible to take legal action against an employer. If an employee is subject to wrongful termination after making a complaint, compensation and reinstatement to his or her former position may be available. Employer statements, witness testimony and other evidence may help to establish that a victim was harassed and then retaliated against.