Survey sheds light on workplace discrimination

On behalf of elizabethtatelaw Attorney at Law posted in Workplace Discrimination on Thursday , March 15, 2018

Women in Arizona and across the United States who work in male-dominated professions are more likely to report higher levels of workplace discrimination, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. While women have seen significant gains over the past several decades in wages, promotions and labor force participation, females continue to report that gender discrimination is a concern on the job. Women in workplaces with a significant male majority are far more likely to report concerns about sexual harassment as well.

The survey revealed the gender-segregated nature of many American workplaces. Of the respondents, 48 percent of the women work in a majority-female environment, while 44 percent of male respondents work with a majority of men. Women in male-dominated workplaces were more likely to report a difficult experience in achieving promotions, lack of support from senior leadership or being passed over for major projects due to gender. This was also reflected in concerns about pay as 35 percent of women in mostly male workplaces reported earning less than men for the same job.

Furthermore, sexual harassment was more likely to be a problem for women in male-dominated businesses. Nearly half of women in majority male workplaces identified sexual harassment as a problem. Only 32 percent of women employees at majority female businesses reported the same concern.

While workplace discrimination on the basis of gender may be a more common experience for women in male-dominated workplaces, it is unacceptable in any job. Employees who have lost opportunities or been fired as a result of employment discrimination have a right to seek justice and accountability. Employment lawyers can provide legal advice to people who have experienced discrimination on the job.