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Employees have a right to a workplace free from racial discrimination and harassment. Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is still a widespread problem. Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, can represent your best interests if you have experienced racial discrimination at your job.

Holding Employers Accountable For Workplace Discrimination

Negative actions taken by a supervisor, co-worker or client because of your race may qualify as discrimination. Interracial couples who experience discrimination because of their relationship may be able to file a claim. Recognizing discrimination red flags and taking early action can make your case more effective.

Many workplace actions qualify as racial discrimination, including:

  • Displaying racially offensive symbols
  • Use of racial slurs or derogatory comments
  • Refusing to hire a specific race of person
  • Treating people differently because of their hair, facial features or other racial characteristics

Many people think they do not have a case because they did not take immediate action after experiencing discrimination. Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act lets people file a claim within four years of the event. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Arizona law give people 300 days from the discriminatory event to file a claim. You should contact our employment law attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

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