Effective Age Discrimination Counsel

Bias against older people in the workplace is an under-reported form of discrimination. If you experience employment discrimination because of your age, you should speak up and protect your rights. Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, fights for people across Phoenix who have experienced age discrimination.

The Many Forms Of Age Discrimination

Many actions may be considered age discrimination, including illegal termination, demotions and/or refusal to hire. Employers can also discriminate against older employees by not providing training, pressuring them to retire or withholding benefits. If younger people surround you at your job, your employer may be discriminating against older people.

Code words employers use to discriminate against older people in performance reviews include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Lackluster performance
  • Young person’s game
  • We hire fresh and energetic people
  • Overqualified

Some industries use exclusionary tests or screenings to limit an older person’s job opportunities. In the trucking industry, employers may use unneeded physical tests to prevent older people from getting a job. Some employment applications may ask for the year a person graduated from high school to calculate his or her age.

You Have Options If You Experience Age Discrimination

Attorney Elizabeth D. Tate has years of Arizona employment law experience and a record of success for her clients. She can answer your questions and file a claim on your behalf. You can call 602-670-4653 to schedule your first meeting with our lawyers. You may also send us a message via email.

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