A Lawyer Who Will Enforce Your Rights

If you believe your civil rights or employee rights have been violated here in Arizona, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from the damaging effects caused by someone else’s illegal actions. However, you will need a forceful defender by your side. Elizabeth D. Tate Attorney at Law is an experienced civil rights attorney who will personally help you hold violators accountable.

What You Can Do

First, you have to determine whether you’ll need to file a claim with a government agency or pursue a private lawsuit. You will also have to gauge whether to file in state or federal court. Your lawyer will explain the law to you and help you make this determination.

Then, you and your attorney will write a complaint that outlines the relevant facts and allegations that are pertinent to your claim. Depending on where you file, there could be an investigation that follows.

Filing a lawsuit or claim is a step toward keeping these powerful laws in place for future generations. Elizabeth D. Tate’s personal approach to handling your claim means that you will work closely together to preserve justice for you and others like you, enforcing your rights and the rights of others for years to come.

Protect Yourself By Acting Now

Call Ms. Tate today at her central Phoenix office: 602-670-4653. You may also reach her via email by filling out this online contact form. Take that first step and get in touch today.

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