Fight Back Against Police Misconduct And Brutality

People who are arrested still have civil rights, and illegal actions taken by the police can have consequences. If you experienced brutality at the hands of law enforcement, Elizabeth D. Tate, Attorney at Law, will fight for you. She is an experienced Arizona lawyer who has helped many clients get compensation for police abuses of power.

The Many Forms Of Police Misconduct

One of the most common tactics the police use when justifying brutality is to claim that a person resisted arrest. Our civil rights law firm will investigate the details of your arrest and find the true story behind your injuries. We can also help you if you sustained injuries because the police denied you protective segregation while in their custody.

Many actions can qualify as police brutality such as:

  • Excessive force, including Tasers and other nonlethal weapons
  • Unjustifiable use of firearms
  • Injuries caused by police dogs
  • False imprisonment or wrongful arrest
  • Deliberate indifference to medical needs

We understand that people who have psychiatric illnesses or emotional challenges are at a high risk for police brutality. Our attorney fights for all vulnerable populations that experience law enforcement misconduct.

We Will Defend Your Interests In A Police Brutality Case

You should call our Phoenix law firm as soon as you experience police brutality. We will immediately begin creating a case strategy that defends your rights. Call us now at 602-670-4653 or send us a message.

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