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Looking for a job while pregnant can mean facing discrimination

Bringing a new life into this world often means assuming a lot more responsibility. After all, newborns require expensive equipment and clothing, along with a lot of time for care. Discovering that you will soon have a baby can inspire many women to make drastic changes in their lifestyles and future plans.

Age discrmination in the workplace and the EEOC

In a survey of older adults conducted by the AARP, almost two-thirds said they had experienced or seen age discrimination in the workplace, and 92 percent of respondents said age discrimination was somewhat or very common. For workers in Arizona who have experienced age discrimination it can sometimes be unclear what steps can be taken. A person who believes he or she has been discriminated against based on age should address the issue, follow the company reporting process and consider filing a charge.

Uber will pay workers in harassment and discrimination cases

Some people in Arizona may have heard that Uber has faced claims of gender discrimination and harassment. Three Latina engineers filed a lawsuit against the company in October 2017. They said their pay was lower than that of male colleagues who were Asian or white and that even when women and people of color performed well, they received lower rankings. These rankings along with prior compensation, a measure that generally leaves women at a disadvantage, were used to determine pay.

Age discrimination still a thorny problem, according to AARP

Age-based discrimination in the workplace remains disturbingly common in Arizona and around the country, according to a recently released study by the AARP. The nonprofit advocacy group asked 3,900 Americans 45 years of age or older about their work experiences, and 90 percent of them said that discrimination against older workers was commonplace. Almost two-thirds of the respondents said that they had been victims of such discrimination at least once during their careers.

Pregnant mothers and new adoptive parents have a right to leave

One of the most exciting and magical moments of your life is when a child joins your family. Whether you are pregnant and expecting the birth of a child or in the final stages of adoption, you are probably worrying about work leave. After all, newborns and new additions to your family require a lot of support at first.

Reports indicate EEOC probe into Uber

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may be investigating ride share company Uber for gender discrimination. A report in the Wall Street Journal indicated that investigators from the EEOC have been conducting interviews with current and former Uber employees as well as requesting company documents. Drivers who work for Uber in Arizona may assume companies in the gig economy are different with regard to discrimination, but it's still a serious problem.

Statements that could point to age discrimination

If a 25-year-old and a 65-year-old have the requisite skills to perform the same job, an employer cannot discriminate between the two employees on the basis of age. By virtue of the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employers cannot make hiring, firing, pay, promotion or other employment-related decisions on the basis of age for employees who are 40 years of age and older.

What types of discrimination are banned under federal law?

Americans discriminate against one another left and right. They choose their friends based on skin color and national origin. They avoid speaking to people of different religious persuasions. And, they judge people because they have gray hair and a few wrinkles. On a personal level, in terms of forming friendships, federal law doesn't seek to interfere -- and it allows people to associate with whomever they choose. On an employment law level, however, discrimination is unlawful.

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