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Will increased sexual harassment claims lead to more terminations?

Sexual harassment has been in the forefront of everyone’s minds and dominated the news cycle for much of the past few months. It has so permeated our culture that the #MeToo movement was recently named Time’s Person of the Year.

Sexual harassment victims collect millions in compensation

Arizona residents may have heard about the $32 million settlement reached by Bill O'Reilly to resolve sexual harassment allegations against him. However, this was not the largest settlement reached in a sexual harassment case. That may belong to a former employer at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento. A jury in that case awarded the victim $168 million. However, a judge reduced that amount to $82,230,484, and the case was later settled for an undisclosed amount.

Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common occurrence even though it is illegal. In some cases, sexual harassment can be so pervasive that it can have an impact on workplace productivity. Some employees who experience it might quit or may fear that they could lose their job if they report the behavior.

DACA and employment law

Some Arizona business owners are likely employing people who are protected by DACA. However, if they employ them after their work permits expire, those owners could face jail time or a fine for doing so. Although DACA may be ending soon, employers are urged to refrain from terminating workers or asking about their immigration status as this could be seen as discrimination.

High rates of sexual harassment suffered by physical therapists

Certain industries and types of jobs have higher rates of sexual harassment than others. One of the most prominent examples is restaurant work. Women (and men) who work in food service experience higher rates of sexual harassment than workers in most other industries.

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