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Airlines may soon need to file annual harassment reports

Women in many Arizona industries are concerned about sexual harassment on the job. However, airline and other transportation workers may be particularly worried. For example, one survey found that over 66 percent of flight attendants have experienced sexual harassment on the job, and many flight attendants are seeking greater attention to the issue. Federal lawmakers have proposed a bill that could require airlines and other companies in the transportation business to report on their annual incidents of workplace sexual harassment.

The protections of Title VII do not apply to many.

For more than 50 years, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has been hailed as a protection for women in the workforce. As a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, it has helped many women over the years. But working women in Phoenix, Arizona should know that not all are protected under the Act.

Dealing with sexual harassment after the #MeToo movement

Arizona employees may be aware about the #MeToo movement and how it has brought increased attention to problems regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, few companies remained unscathed as the movement gained momentum. For example, even Nike employees reported being sexually harassed with no resolution from managers, supervisors or human resources.

How forced arbitration silences workers

There are over 60 million Americans including some in Arizona who are bound by arbitration agreements with their employers. This means that if they have a sexual harassment complaint, it must be brought up in an arbitration hearing instead of a courtroom. Both Fortune 500 companies and those in lower paying industries use forced arbitration clauses in their employment contracts. Such an arrangement is largely recognized as being beneficial to the employer.

Unpaid interns vulnerable to harassment

Most Arizona employees are under the protection of federal laws designed to prevent workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Surprisingly, those protections may not apply to some of the youngest and hardest working people in the actual buildings where state laws are crafted. Because of employment classifications, legislative interns are especially vulnerable to harassment and discriminatory workplace behaviors.

Microsoft publicizes information about harassment complaints

Arizona residents may be interested to learn that Microsoft is currently being sued for allegedly discriminating against women and denying them raises and promotions. In response to the lawsuit, which was filed in October of 2015, Microsoft recently published an email that it had sent to all of its employees. According to the email, the company fielded 83 complaints of sexual harassment during 2017 out of 65,000 workers.

Have you experienced quid pro quo sexual harassment at work?

Sometimes, sexual harassment can be coworkers or managers making jokes at your expense, using inappropriate language at work or touching you without your permission. All of these kinds of harassment -- and more --can create a very hostile work environment where you simply can't thrive as an employee.

Majority of workers do not report workplace harassment

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, just 10 percent of workers in Arizona and the rest of the country submit an official complaint about the harassment they experience in the workplace. The reasons the remaining workers are reluctant to do so include the fear of retaliation and the belief that their complaint will not be believed. Based on a 2016 report from the federal commission, their reasons have sufficient grounds.

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