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Police brutality and the use of unreasonable force

Police brutality has become a sad reality in the modern world. No matter your race or ethnic background, you could be victimized by police who go too far when carrying out their job duties. Fortunately, if you survive the abuse, the law may be on your side; you might be able to pursue financial compensation for justice and restitution.

Google workers take a stand against employment discrimination

Every Arizona employer should have the same interest in maintaining a workplace that's free of bias, prejudice, harassment and any other employment-related improprieties. However, achieving that goal while conducting business has been difficult for some companies. To help mitigate losses from lawsuits, pre-dispute arbitrations have become the norm in the vast majority of employment contracts. These require an aggrieved worker to seek some form of alternative dispute resolution prior to filing a lawsuit against the employer. That, however, may be changing.

4 things to consider before a housing discrimination complaint

Every United States resident has protection from Housing-related discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. Individuals who have suffered from discrimination related to their renting of a home can pursue a housing discrimination complaint via the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Disney Cruise Line accused of age, sex discrimination

Arizona readers may be interested to learn that Disney Cruise Line is being sued by a male former employee over claims of age and sex discrimination. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in November, the middle-aged employee worked as a labor analyst at Disney for 18 years. Over the last few years, he worked under an unidentified female manager who allegedly discriminated against him due to his age.

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