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What are some examples of color discrimination?

Color discrimination is different from racial discrimination, even though many people confuse the two ideas. Color discrimination doesn't relate to race; it relates to the color and shade of someone's skin. In this respect, color discrimination can happen among people of the same race and ethnicity; it can also happen among people of different races and ethnicities.

Leadership can create a culture against harassment

Research indicates that strong leadership can play a role in reducing sexual harassment in companies both in Arizona and throughout the country. When employees believe that there are consequences for their actions, they are less likely to commit acts of harassment. When they don't believe that there are consequences, they are more likely to commit them. In such cultures, those who engage in sexual harassment tend to be protected while accusers are the ones who are penalized.

2 examples of workplace discrimination against men

Bring up the topic of "gender discrimination at work" and everyone will think you're talking about discrimination against women, which has been addressed extensively by the #MeToo movement over the past year. Nevertheless, men get discriminated against in their jobs as well, believe it or not, and this kind of gender-based discrimination has caused serious problems for many men.

Reasonableness is at the heart of the ADA

The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 signaled the beginning of a new era where public awareness and respect for people with disabilities was ushered in. Much progress has been made in Arizona workplaces due to the ADA's core requirement that employers must make reasonable accommodations to enable peoples with disabilities to gain and maintain employment. But is as true in much of the law, how the precise wording of the statute is interpreted by the courts defines the bottom line result.

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