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Watch out for the signs of pregnancy discrimination

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), approximately 3,174 women suffered from pregnancy-related discrimination at work in 2017. The thing is, considering how much discrimination goes unreported in Arizona and the rest of the United States each year, it's likely that the number of women discriminated against for being pregnant is vastly greater than this figure.

Forced arbitration policy ends at Facebook

Arizona residents may use Facebook on a regular basis as a way to stay connected to the world around them. For those who work at the company, they will no longer have to go through private arbitration to resolve sexual harassment cases. This was revealed in a Wall Street Journal report, and the use of private arbitration in such cases is common in the tech industry.

Overweight workers may face harassment and discrimination at work

The average American is overweight, but you would have no idea of that fact based on the media. The representation of America's population in movies and on television skew disproportionately toward attractive and fit younger adults. That appearance bias trickles down into every other section of our culture and lives.

How ageism impacts tech workers

While workers in Arizona and elsewhere may make more money than their peers, they may also be more likely to be terminated. This can be especially true in a place like Silicon Valley, and it can be in spite of the fact that many workers see a link between age and wisdom. Age discrimination is relatively common in the tech sector even though it is forbidden by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

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