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Looking for a job while pregnant can mean facing discrimination

Bringing a new life into this world often means assuming a lot more responsibility. After all, newborns require expensive equipment and clothing, along with a lot of time for care. Discovering that you will soon have a baby can inspire many women to make drastic changes in their lifestyles and future plans.

Age discrmination in the workplace and the EEOC

In a survey of older adults conducted by the AARP, almost two-thirds said they had experienced or seen age discrimination in the workplace, and 92 percent of respondents said age discrimination was somewhat or very common. For workers in Arizona who have experienced age discrimination it can sometimes be unclear what steps can be taken. A person who believes he or she has been discriminated against based on age should address the issue, follow the company reporting process and consider filing a charge.

Adoption qualifies the new parent to FMLA leave like a birth does

People's families can grow in a variety of ways. Sometimes, two people fall in love after the end of a previous relationship. One of them may already have children, so when they get married, their new spouse suddenly has stepchildren. Other times, couples expand their family the most common way, by getting pregnant and then later having a child. In some cases, adoption is the reason that a family grows to include a new member.

Arizona workplace harassment often goes unreported

A study published by international specialist insurer Hiscox indicates that 35 percent of employees across the U.S. feel they've been subject to harassment in the workplace. Half of that group said the harassment they experienced was due to their sex or gender. Researchers putting together the 2018 Workplace Harassment Study surveyed 500 full-time employee adults in the U.S.

What are the federal fair housing laws?

Some people who are looking to rent a new home or apartment may find that they're denied the ability to live in the place. There are many lawful reasons why a landlord may deny a particular tenant the right to live on his or her property. Nevertheless, if the landlord denies someone a lease on the basis of the person's race or another protected status, it's likely a violation of federal law.

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