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Man sues Tesla for discrimination and retaliatory discharge

In Arizona and the rest of the nation, it is illegal for companies to retaliate against workers for engaging in protected activity, including reporting illegal behavior. It is also illegal for companies to discriminate against workers based on their protected characteristics. Recently, a California man filed a lawsuit against Tesla, alleging that the company discriminated against him based on his race and national origin and retaliated against him for complaining about a supervisor's alleged theft of auto parts.

21st Century Fox settles group of workplace discrimination suits

Arizona readers may be interested to learn that 21st Century Fox has announced the settlement of multiple discrimination lawsuits filed against it by more than a dozen current and former employees. The entertainment and news giant agreed to pay around $10 million to a total of 18 plaintiffs, but it denied all the allegations.

Housing discrimination: Frequently asked questions

Discrimination rears its ugly head in countless forms and in many different areas of life. Some employers, for example, refuse to hire people from certain races and backgrounds. Meanwhile, some people simply refuse to make friends with certain individuals based on superficial factors. The problem of discrimination even extends into housing.

Airlines may soon need to file annual harassment reports

Women in many Arizona industries are concerned about sexual harassment on the job. However, airline and other transportation workers may be particularly worried. For example, one survey found that over 66 percent of flight attendants have experienced sexual harassment on the job, and many flight attendants are seeking greater attention to the issue. Federal lawmakers have proposed a bill that could require airlines and other companies in the transportation business to report on their annual incidents of workplace sexual harassment.

The protections of Title VII do not apply to many.

For more than 50 years, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has been hailed as a protection for women in the workforce. As a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, it has helped many women over the years. But working women in Phoenix, Arizona should know that not all are protected under the Act.

Are workers protected from sexual orientation discrimination?

Not very long ago, anyone considered to be of an "alternative sexual orientation" such as bisexual, lesbian, gay, heterosexual -- or just being perceived as such -- was in danger of harassment at work. For this reason, most people kept their sexual orientation a secret at work, out of a fear that they could lose their jobs. Even though the social climate has changed with regard to society's views on sexual orientation, many workers continue to stay private about this subject because of the lack of employment protections.

When can workers receive Family and Medical Leave Act benefits?

Have you ever worried about what would happen to your job if you or a family member suffered from a serious illness? Have you ever wondered what would happen to your job if you got pregnant, or if your spouse got pregnant and you needed to take time off to take care of your new baby?

Restaurant chain pays settlement in class action lawsuit

Some Arizona residents may be eligible to claim part of a settlement paid by a national restaurant chain in a class action lawsuit. Seasons 52 was accused of age discrimination because of rejecting applicants who were older than 40. In addition, in sworn testimony to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, more than 100 applicants reported comments from managers that made reference to the fact that they hired young people. One manager told the EEOC that the company could not hire older white men.

Dealing with sexual harassment after the #MeToo movement

Arizona employees may be aware about the #MeToo movement and how it has brought increased attention to problems regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, few companies remained unscathed as the movement gained momentum. For example, even Nike employees reported being sexually harassed with no resolution from managers, supervisors or human resources.

Proposed legislation could help equalize pay for men and women

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been around since 1881. Its mission is to advance girls and women through education, philanthropy, advocacy and research. The organization has fought for women's rights to own property, vote and have equal educational opportunities. Now, the AAUW has the pay gap in its sights and hopes to bring pay rates for women up to the same levels that men earn. 

Survey examines discrimination based on caste systems

Some Arizona residents may have heard of a caste system that exists in some South Asian countries, and a survey indicates that some low-caste people have continued to experience discrimination after coming to the United States. However, the survey is not without controversy.

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