Protection against wrongful termination

If you were wrongfully terminated from your job in Arizona, you may have a feeling that you were fired unfairly, but you might not know whether you have a case. Ultimately, every wrongful termination scenario needs to be looked at on an individual basis to determine if the employee has the right to seek justice in court.

That said, there are certain scenarios that are clearly protected by the law. Were you wrongfully terminated for one of the following reasons?

Breach of contract

Your employment contract might lay out various terms under which your employer is permitted to terminate you. If your employer violates these terms when firing you from your job, you could have a viable wrongful termination lawsuit on your hands.

Constructive discharge

This happens when an employer causes a particular job to be unbearable to the degree that there's no way for the employee to continue to work there. The employee might be able to pursue a constructive discharge claim.


Employees who suffer termination due to the color of their skin, race, national origin, sex, religious affiliation, disability, age, pregnancy or another protected status might have been discriminated against.

The employer asked the employee to break the law

In this scenario, an employer might ask the employee to break the law. If the employee refuses and loses his or her job as a result, then the employee may be able to file a claim for wrongful termination. No employer can demand that an employee break the law as a part of his or her job.


In the case that an employer or colleagues are violating the law or acting in a way that is immoral or inappropriate, workers have the right to report the abuse to authorities or to their superiors without the threat of retaliation. If an employer terminates an employee for whistleblowing like this, the termination was unlawful.

What were the circumstances of your wrongful termination?

There are countless other circumstances under which an employee could be subject to a wrongful termination. If you lose your job unlawfully, you might want to investigate the law as it applies to your case. Legal remedies could be available to you if you can successfully navigate an employment law claim.

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