21st Century Fox settles group of workplace discrimination suits

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Arizona readers may be interested to learn that 21st Century Fox has announced the settlement of multiple discrimination lawsuits filed against it by more than a dozen current and former employees. The entertainment and news giant agreed to pay around $10 million to a total of 18 plaintiffs, but it denied all the allegations.

According to media reports, the cases settled included a 2017 class action racial discrimination suit brought by several Fox accounting department employees and an anchor for Fox News. They also included a 2017 suit brought by a Fox News Radio reporter who alleged gender discrimination and a 2016 suit brought by a former reporter for a New York Fox affiliate who accused the company of gender, pregnancy and race discrimination.

The settlement agreement stipulates that the plaintiffs are required to drop their legal claims, terminate their employment with the company and agree to never seek a position with any 21st Century Fox companies in the future. According to a joint statement issued by Fox News and a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, all parties involved in the suits have mutually agreed to settle their claims.

Arizona employees are protected from on-the-job discrimination by a number of state and federal laws. Employees who have experienced illegal job discrimination may be able to rectify the situation by contacting an attorney familiar with employment law claims. One possible solution could be to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as a way to initiate the case.

Source: The Week, “Fox settles nearly 20 workplace1 discrimination claims“, May 15, 2018

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