2 examples of workplace discrimination against men

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Bring up the topic of “gender discrimination at work” and everyone will think you’re talking about discrimination against women, which has been addressed extensively by the #MeToo movement over the past year. Nevertheless, men get discriminated against in their jobs as well, believe it or not, and this kind of gender-based discrimination has caused serious problems for many men.

If you’re a man who’s suffering from gender discrimination in your job, you probably don’t need any convincing. Nevertheless, here are two examples of male gender discrimination from recent employment law history:

Beauty product maker sued for failure to hire male employees

Ventura Corporation, a beauty product wholesaler, was sued by the EEOC in a gender discrimination lawsuit. The case, which settled in 2014, alleged that the man was promoted by Ventura to be a Zone Manager after he complained about the company’s discriminatory hiring and promotion practices, which involved refusing positions to men. However, the firm later terminated his employment in an alleged act of retaliation for his complaints. Zaya received $150,000 by agreeing to settle the suit with the company.

Restaurant sued for refusing to hire male servers

The EEOC sued the restaurant Lawry’s in a class action complaint for refusing to hire male servers, solely on the basis of “tradition.” In the lawsuit, the EEOC arrived at a settlement on behalf of the men who were denied jobs in the amount of $1,025,000. The case is one of the most important examples of male workplace discrimination in recent history.


As you can see, male discrimination at workplaces does indeed happen, and it’s not very different from the types of discrimination that happen against women. In these cases, men were denied jobs and opportunities because the employers felt that they were ill-equipped to perform roles that the organizations felt were better filled by female staff members.

If you feel that you’re being discriminated against on the basis of your gender or gender identity, you may have the legal right to speak up and put a stop to the discrimination. By learning more about workplace gender discrimination laws in Arizona and the rest of the United States, you can fully evaluate your legal rights and options.

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