Civil Rights Law

Fighting For What's Right

Civil rights laws were created as a means of protecting people from unfair or unequal treatment. The most famous of these laws is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (sometimes known as "Title VII"), which states that employers may not discriminate against any employee (or potential employee) on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or national origin.

When employers violate the civil rights of their employees, their actions prohibit all of us from being able to depend upon a free and fair society. That's why if you have experienced illegal discrimination, you need to speak up with the help of a trustworthy and passionate attorney who's willing to fight for what's right.

Arizona lawyer Elizabeth D. Tate has decades of experience battling unfair employers and institutions that think they are above the law. Her personalized approach to working with clients means that you can trust her to take your claim seriously when you are experiencing a violation of your civil rights. Suing for discrimination is legal, and you have a right to hold people accountable.

A Fierce Defender

Contact Ms. Tate at her central Phoenix office by calling 602-842-6971 or filling out this online contact form today to begin the process of filing a discrimination claim. She is ready and willing to come to your defense in any civil rights matter.